Little Langdale Cottages

A valley rich in plant and wildlife, Little Langdale is a must-see part of your holiday in the Lakes. With breathtaking scenery and humbling views, this small part of the Lake District has it all. Situated just to the west of the northern end of Lake Windermere, you’ll find that popular areas such as Ambleside and Coniston are only a short drive away, or roughly a two hour walk depending on the route you take. So why not book today and start planning your holiday in the Lake District today?

Further to the northwest, you’ll find the mountainous region of the Lake District, with many peaks to conquer and spectacular landscapes to gaze upon. Whether the amateur hiker or expert trekker, these summits can challenge all. Why not also bring your mountain bikes too? With a mixture of road and trail, you can cycle to popular places such as Grasmere to the north and Grizedale forest in the south in just over an hour. Visiting these places you’ll be sure to witness the vast diversity of landscapes found in the Lakes and no doubt the range of flora and fauna.

For those calmer days, head to the east and explore England’s largest lake. Whether you stay on shore, or take a boat out onto the water, the sheer extent of Windermere will leave you aghast. Dotted with sails and other rivercraft, it won’t take long before you’ll understand what makes this place so popular.

So why not start planning your staycation today and discover the fascinating world of the Lake District? You’ll soon be coming back for more!

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