The Flexibility of Grasmere

Enjoy the Flexibility of Grasmere holiday cottages...

Grasmere is a beautiful little village in the heart of the Lake District. It has beautiful and most magnificent mountains and glorious greenery. Grasmere is one of the most visited places of Lake District and provides a magnificent view to visitors. The village is surrounded by beautiful old buildings, fresh cafes, and art galleries which proves it to be a perfect destination for those wishing to have a perfect holiday! Grasmere is surrounded by spell-bound beauty! It makes a perfect place to go and have a relaxing yet adventurous holiday for those wishing to hike its beautiful mountains.

Opting to take a holiday in Grasmere has become an increasingly popular choice in recent years with more and more people afield in favour of holidays in their home town or some other town. Taking a holiday in Grasmere is not only great value for money but it is also easy to get there. When travelling to Grasmere you have a number of accommodation options to choose from such as, you may prefer staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast or camping/caravans but nothing makes it more comfortable than staying in a self-catering cottage.

Enjoy the flexibility of a Grasmere holiday cottage

Staying in a self-catering cottage gives you a lot more flexibility than other types of holiday accommodation. You are not restricted to designated meal times so you can choose and make your own breakfast at a time that suits you, whether you are an early bird or a late riser. The beauty of self-catering holidays is that you can do everything at your own pace.

Enjoy peace and quiet

There is nothing worse than being woken by other guests traipsing up and down the hotel corridors and banging doors. Choosing to stay in a self-catering holiday cottage can make you enjoy the privacy and freedom that holidays are all about.

So many foodie options in your self-catering kitchen!

Our self-catering cottages come with fully equipped kitchens which can help you save money and eat healthy food, while you are on holiday. You may also like to carry your own food or take advantage of local shops and markets to stock up on holiday groceries. Plus you can treat yourself to a meal or two at local pubs and restaurants.

Self-catering cottages – a great option for all the family

We all know how much mess children can make when having food. By staying in a self-catering holiday cottage you may not only feed your kids as and when they are hungry but you may easily store and prepare baby food and bottles too. So, mums can also enjoy their holidays with complete comfort and relaxation.

You don’t have to miss out on great facilities

Good Life Lake District Cottages in the Lake District takes care of all your desires and provides you the self-catering cottages that come with fully equipped kitchens, comfy seating area and cosy bedrooms. Many also have other fantastic facilities such as open or log fires, wi-fi facilities, they are also dog-friendly and include parking space. Plus we have some great discount offers too such as, Great Last Minute Discounts. All you have to do is to trust us and take advantage of our facilities