When to visit the Lake District in 2020?

Published: Friday 3rd Jan 2020

Written by: Alex Barton

When should you visit the Lake District in 2020? That can be a difficult question to answer, it all really depends on what you prefer! Would you rather have the place to yourself and enjoy a quiet walk through the fells with nobody around for miles? Or do you fancy enjoying an evening drink by the lake, watching the sunset and enjoying some live local music? Let’s find out how the Lake District changes from season to season…

Lake District holidays 2020


Spring is when the Lake District ‘Springs’ back into life (Excuse the pun!). The landscape bursts with fields of daffodils and bluebells around every corner. The fells begin to almost glow a rich shade of green, the days grow longer, and the sun shines a little brighter; One of the prettiest times of year to visit. There are a few bank holidays and school half-terms in Spring throughout March, April and May so it can be busy over certain weekends. If you are travelling with family, Spring is certainly a great time of year to holiday in the Lake District. Discover your spring escape here.

When to visit the Lake District in 2020?


The Lake District summers can be notoriously busy and for good reason! Glistening lakes of blue, hot sunshine, late evenings, full day hikes and a vast variety of events all take place between June and mid-September. Wild swimming is a very popular activity across many of the Lake District’s waters alongside hiking across the fells. Many people choose to visit during the summer months so if you’re keen to avoid the crowds and traffic, summer probably isn’t for you. However, nothing quite beats sitting out in your cottage garden, enjoying a bite to eat and your favourite tipple on a long, warm summers evening. Bliss! Find your summer retreat here.

Kentmere Valley


Our personal favourite time of year. Most of the summer rush has subsided and the landscape changes dramatically! The fields, fells and forests turn into gloriously rich shades of brown, orange and gold as the autumn arrives in Cumbria. Longer nights can still be enjoyed, and you can explore the Lake District in all it’s seasonal glory! Check out our autumnal breaks here.

Autumn in the Lake District


The Lake District’s most quiet and peaceful time of year. Not everybody likes the cold, that’s fair. But there is a reason for all our beautiful log burner cottages! Winter arrives almost overnight here in the Lakes when the temperature plummets and the fells are covered in snow for months on end. But there is no denying how simply BREATH-TAKING those sights are. When you explore the Lake District in winter you will have the entire place to yourself. Not seeing a soul in certain parts of the national park. Christmas & New Year are also a great time to enjoy a holiday away, escaping with family & friends into a true winter wonderland. Not too many places in the country can still give you that! Find your cosy cottage here.

Winter in the Lake District

Hopefully this blog helps you decide on what time of year is best suited for you in the Lake District in 2020. Each season brings a wealth of events, scenery, things to do and places to see. It becomes an entirely different place every 3 months and you should definitely experience each and every one of them to find out which is your favourite!

Alex Barton



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