Why An Autumn Break in The Lakes Should Be on Your 2019 to do List

Published: Wednesday 4th Sep 2019

Written by: Alex Barton

Whilst each of the four seasons in the Lake District are all stunning in their own right, there is something particularly magic about Autumn. As the valleys turn to all shades of brown, gold and yellow, the Lakes takes on an entirely new personality for just a couple months of the year. Between the middle of September to November is the best time to see this natural wonder and it’s something that should be on your ‘to do’ list this year.

Autumn in the Lake District

Autumn Walks

There are fewer things more relaxing and enjoyable than walking in the Lake District, couple this with the autumnal scenery and it becomes even more magical. Walk with the kids through the golden woodlands frolicking in the leaves as you go or take a romantic stroll through Langdale surrounded by changing trees and hills.

Woodland walks in the Lake District

Cottages with Fireplaces

Its no secret that the Lake District weather isn’t always the best and the changing of a season can sometimes bring a bit of a chill in the air. But what could be better after a day out in the Lake District, drinking, walking, eating and enjoying yourself all before returning to your own Lake District cottage and getting the fire on. The perfect way to blow away the cobwebs! 


Wayside cottage with fireplace in the Lake District


Photo Opportunities

Whether you count yourself as keen photographer or just enjoy loading your Instagram feed with inspirational shots of the planet, autumn in the Lake District is easily one of the most photogenic places in the country, if not the world! You’ll be surprised just how different the same place can look from one season to another.

Langdale Pikes in Autumn

It is A LOT less busy!

Summer and particularly August in the Lakes can get busy…very busy (And for good reason, it’s beautiful here!) but the crowds aren’t for everyone. At this time of year, the kids are back at school and the summer rush is over. This means more space to yourself, no trouble finding parking and no traffic on the roads! You’ll also have much more choice in cottages to stay!

Autumn lake

It is cheaper to travel out of season

This one is obvious. In summer with more tourists comes higher prices, that’s pretty simple for most people. But you’d be surprised how much money you can save at your favourite cottages, restaurants and attractions when you visit during the autumn months. What’s better than going on holiday? Going on holiday and saving money at the same time!

Autumn Cottage

There are plenty more reasons for you to enjoy the Lake District during the upcoming autumn months, but you’ll have to visit to discover the rest of them for yourself. Check out our range of autumn cottages from cute two beds with a log burner to large complexes fit for the whole family!


Alex Barton



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