Bee Happy

Published: Tuesday 13th Jun 2017

Written by: Leah Dacre

Here at Good Life Lake District Cottages we are not only surrounded by beautiful landscapes and Herdwick sheep, we are also fortunate enough to be amongst a kaleidoscopic array of blooms which attract the beloved Bumblebee.

Although the Bumblebees are thriving in the Good Life garden unfortunately their numbers are declining and many bumble bees in the UK find themselves hungry and homeless due to a lower number of flowers in the countryside, pesticides, agriculture developments and climate change.

Bumblebees play an essential role as they pollinate many crops that provide us with food to eat as well as the colourful wild flowers in our landscape. If they disappear many flowers, animals and ecosystems which rely on them will decline and ultimately disappear.

If you discover a Bumblebee in distress, stranded or sleepy you can help them boost their energy with a sugar, water mix placed in a small container near to the bee to allow them to recuperate.

If you have a garden you can plant specific plants which attract bees, many flowers including begonias and pansies have no benefit to bees as they produce little pollen or nectar however there a 100s of flowers which do including foxgloves, lavender, alliums, herb’s, and wild roses. Most garden centres display a bee on the label to advise if they flowers are good pollinators.

I hope to see Bumblebees here in the Good Life garden for years to come and am thankful for their vital contribution to our planet.

Leah Dacre
Leah Dacre


Property & Office Assistant


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