The Lakes Distillery

Published: Saturday 5th Apr 2014

Written by: Natalie Barker

When it comes to having a drink in Cumbria there are many fantastic local brews to choose from. Whether it’s a well known tipple from Jennings, a pint of Bluebird Bitter from Coniston Brewery or Lakeland Gold from Hawkshead, the Lake District is a stronghold of superb ale and micro breweries. We’re often asked when local beer festivals are to be held when guests book into our cottages.

Entering into the fray is The Lakes Distillery which aims to put Cumbria on the spirit map of Britain.

Building work is now underway at the companies base nr Bassenthwaite Lake (technically the Lake Districts only lake as all the rest are ‘Meres’ or ‘Waters’) Renovation of an old Victorian Model Farm is well underway. Water for the distilling process will come from the river Derwent which is fed from Sprinkling Tarn and the fells of the northern Lake District. All production will be on a small artisan scale with quality being the highest order of the day. The casks used for whisky production have a major impact on the final flavour and Lakes Distillery plan to use mainly sherry casks and bourbon barrels but may also experiment with different woods for casks as only Scotch whisky must be brewed in oak.

Lakes Distillery are hoping to produce their first malt whisky in 2019. The Stills are due for installation this Spring (2014). Until then they will be selling a blended whisky known as ‘The One’ (as in ‘I’ll just have the one’) made from a mixture of whisky from across the British Isles. So far it has drawn some great reviews.

Lakes Distillery will also be producing Gin and Vodka also made using Lake District water.

Once the distillery is fully operational (est Autumn 2014) there are plans for distillery tours, including a sure to be popular tasting room.We’re looking forward to welcoming a new and exciting business into the area which further expands the culture and diversity of Cumbria.

Natalie Barker
Natalie Barker


Operations Manager

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