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Published: Wednesday 4th Jul 2012

Written by: Natalie Barker

It’s almost a year now since I posted about our fondness for Starly’s Spice mixes which make a fantastic Indian meal but are produced in Cumbria. I think it’s time we revealed the perfect accompaniment to go with them, and guess what they’re also made right here in Cumbria.

Mr Vikkis produce the most fantastic condiments. Award winning pickles, sauces and spiced chutneys using 100% natural ingredients, ideal for any Indian meal. However it doesn’t stop there, Heather & I use them to give a kick to sandwiches, stir frys, salads and other meals as well as being indulgent sometimes and just diving in with some cheese biscuits.

Our favorites are: Hot Banana Hanbanero – ideal for adding to hot Pastrami & Cheese sandwiches.Lime Pickle – perfect with Poppadoms. Hot Coriander sauce – just a little in a stir fry goes a long way. Mr Vikkis have such a great range of products that we’ve got nowhere near trying them all, but give it time and we’ll get there. Our next aim is to try the award winning King Naga & (due to my love of Chipotle) Mr Vikkis Chipotle Sauce.

We love our food and love finding fantastic flavors. Mr Vikkis delivers every time. Mr Vikkis products can be bought from a variety of outlets across the Lake District and from their website. Anyone wanting to try Mr Vikkis products as they were meant to be tasted you can visit their stall at Keswick market twice a week on Thursdays & Saturdays where they have quite a following for their fresh curries.

Natalie Barker
Natalie Barker


Operations Manager

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