Alabama 3 and the importance of getting out of the house

Published: Wednesday 16th Nov 2011

Written by: Natalie Barker

Any regulars to our cottages will know that Heather & I are regular followers of various bands. We try & get to gigs as often as possible (living in the middle of nowhere that’s not easy). We love our job but time away from the office is vitally important when you live & work with your partner.

If there is one band we never miss it would be Alabama 3, we discovered them in 1997 just as Heather & I met each other & have been fans ever since (effectively they play the music that defines our relationship). Over the years we have seen them in several cities and one festival, we have been on our own, with friends & with family (both A3 fans & first timers). It’s safe to say we are a bit nerdy when it comes to the band.

In the age of social networking we now have friends with whom Alabama 3 is our shared point of contact. These are people we have stood in the same space with enjoying the same music for years but never met until the advent of things like Facebook, Myspace & Twitter. We formed some truly fantastic relationships with people who we never would have met without this mutual interest. We even find that the band are more accessable with some members having sites of their own alongside a website & facebook page on which they do a great job of interacting with their fans (it’s been so long that it’s almost a family now).

I’ve lost count now of how many times we’ve been to Alabama 3 gigs but tomorrow night (Thurs 17th Nov) sees the next installment in the saga. Another night of meeting friends old & new, having a drink or two and dancing like no-ones watching! :-)

Natalie Barker
Natalie Barker


Operations Manager

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