January Availability

Published: Monday 3rd Oct 2011

Written by: Natalie Barker

The last few years have seem unusual patterns of weather throughout the UK, heavy winter snow, hot spring sun & damp summers seem to have been prevalent. It’s resulted in a bit of a lottery when it comes to holiday bookings. Most visitors coming to The Lake District don’t really expect fantastic weather (otherwise we wouldn’t have so many shops selling waterproofs) but it is a nice bonus.

The last two Januarys have been really kind to walkers, the snow has abated leaving ice cold air, clear views & blue sky. While not suitable for shorts & T-shirts those people who don’t mind wrapping up have had some of the most rewarding walks with miles of clear sky (ideal for photography).

The unfortunate thing is that January is our quietest month so most of this time was enjoyed by the local residents rather than visitors. For anyone willing to chance it, January may be a time to consider booking (at low season rates) & you may get to experience the less crowded side of The Lake District & test out the new camera that you were given for Christmas.

Natalie Barker
Natalie Barker


Operations Manager

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