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Time Flies...

Written by Natalie Barker on

...when you’re having fun!

Today is our eldest daughters 18th birthday, it doesn’t seem that long since we were getting her ready for her first day at school. As it happens our youngest daughter will be starting school next week. Although her 18th seems so far away, it will only seem an instant looking back (objects in the rear view mirror are closer than they appear).

Although time is a standard measurement any parent will know how long those nights wandering the house comforting an upset baby can be. Or vice versa spending the last day of a holiday wondering where the time went.

Today has taken an awful long time to arrive but now it’s here it’s no time at all, Aimee has grown into a beautiful young lady with loads of promise and a sensible head on her shoulders (while still prone to the occasional teenage faux pas & moments of stupidity). 18 marks the (official) move into adulthood & we hope that Aimee’s life goes according to plan but like most parents we’ll always be here should she need us, we aren’t redundant yet.

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