Mountain Rescue worth more than it's weight in gold

Published: Wednesday 7th Sep 2011

Written by: Natalie Barker

Mountain Rescue teams all over the UK provide the last line of defense for one of Britains’ favorite pastimes. Time & time again they turn out in all weather to help stranded or injured walkers. Some of the call outs are caused by legitimate accidents, some by lack of preparation/knowledge or the wrong equipment (trainers & flip-flops fall into this category), some are down to mistakes in map reading & an awful few are hoax calls.Here in the Langdale Valley we rely on the Langdale & Ambleside mountain rescue team who have already helped numerous walkers & climbers during 2011. Manned by ‘professional volunteers’ the team is self-funded & relies on donations from both the local population & visitors. On average Langdale & Ambleside MRT respond to over 100 calls per year.

As you can see this is a hard working team, it’s worth pointing out that not only do they volunteer but many have to stop working whilst going out on calls so the dedication is beyond admirable. Each incident report includes how many team members were involved and for how many hours + they are supplemented by the RAF Sea-king helicopter crews. If you feel like supporting this or any other MRT they will always appreciate help in any form.

I’d like to finish by including a poem by Pam Ayers dedicated to our hard working teams.

Call Out the Mountain Rescue - a poem by Pam Ayres

Call out the Mountain Rescue!I came up for a lark,But the night is getting chilly,And the fells are getting dark,My shoe’s lost its stiletto heel,My frock is feeling thin,Call out the Mountain Rescue,And let’s get taken in.

Call out the Mountain Rescue!Let them search the hills and vales,Swathed in ropes and cables,Like a team of Chippendales,Release the search and rescue dogs!They’ll find me by smell,I ate a Kendal Mint Cake,And I’m wearing my Chanel.

Call out the Mountain Rescue!I am stranded on a crag,My hairstyle’s badly damagedAnd I’ve snapped my shoulder bag,I’m utterly exhausted,Cannot move another inch,So hail the helicopter,I am ready for the winch.

Call out the Mountain Rescue!Wrap me warm and wellLay me on a stretcher bedAnd bear me down the fell.Heal me with your tenderness,Drench me with your sorrow,Drop me off at homeI’ll call you out again tomorrow.

Natalie Barker
Natalie Barker


Operations Manager

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