Fawlty Towers

Published: Monday 19th Sep 2011

Written by: Natalie Barker

It’s a bit like Fawlty towers here, but with less yelling!

Every day in our office starts with a plan, by 10am every morning the plan is usually worthless. Dealing with people on holiday, the property they are staying in & the owners of those properties is never straight forward, never the same two days in a row & rarely boring. This mornings plan saw me sit at my desk preparing to update the information that our guests receive upon arrival (I did say rarely boring didn’t I). I am now about to depart the office, plunger in hand to unblock a drain. Last week at this time I was going from cottage to cottage making sure all garden furniture was stored away or weighed down before the high winds took them for a flying lesson.

Property management involves keeping on top of hundreds of small jobs whilst trying to maintain an overview of the (much larger) long term picture. Part of being small means we don’t have departments to deal with the varying tasks our business needs. Ring to book your holiday… Heather & I will help with that. Arriving to pick up keys… we’ll  help with that. Ringing to report… a blocked drain/a faulty TV signal/a power cut or a sheep loose in the garden, that’ll be our job too. Over the last year Heather & I have jump-started cars, changed flat tyres, taken our guests to the shops in heavy snow, helped walk dogs & all sorts of other things.

We have had some great times, swapped stories, advice, walking routes, recipes (& even food) with our guests & on a few occasions even swapped children (thank you Martin & Helen for tiring out our daughter on long walks, Sophie is welcome to come caravanning anytime).

It’s one of the highlights of our job that we have a great deal of direct contact with our guests, & we like to see their holiday go well. Many times we see them arrive at their lowest ebb & depart at their highest. Everyone deserves a break from the daily grind of life & if we can provide what’s needed then that’s great.

Now I’d best go and fix that drain...

Natalie Barker
Natalie Barker


Operations Manager

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