Westmorland County Show - 2011

Published: Thursday 18th Aug 2011

Not long now until we reach the largest agricultural event in Cumbria’s calendar, Westmorland County show attracts 25,000 people from all over the UK. With many local businesses in attendance from local farmers, food retailers, car sales etc, it’s a great opportunity to see what Cumbria has to offer. There are lots of sporting events which take place throughout the day with Equine events, Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling, Dog Shows, Cattle breeders events & lots more. The county show’s food tent is one of the largest in the country with exhibitors all coming from within a 55 mile radius of the event site. it provides a great window to see what Cumbria is producing. So why not set aside a Thursday in September (8/9/11) to spent the day with the best of Cumbria.