Summer Holiday in Full Swing!

Published: Monday 8th Aug 2011

Written by: Natalie Barker

Kids love the idea of the Summer Holiday, 6 weeks off school is greeted with joy (even by the youngest child). The reality is a little different with boredom soon setting in along with the overwhelming urge to drive everyone around them nuts. Working in tourism is no help for our children as our busiest time coincides with their holiday. We try to break up the six weeks by booking things to do, short trips in our caravan, visits from friends/family and thankfully our local nursery/kids club K2 Zone remains open 4 days a week during the summer.

So far this summer our youngest pair have enjoyed a week of Summer School at Windermere School with plenty of organized activities for them to take part in & new friends to get to know. Nan & Grandpa have then on a Saturday & have organized riding lessons every other week. We have managed to book three ‘weekend’ breaks away in our caravan which should give them distraction from the tedium of home. K2 Zone on fridays stops them thinking of us as bad parents (we’re not bad just busy).

Even with all of the above going on I know that both will be ready when the school year starts again in September, it’s a long time to go without seeing your friends. In the case of our youngest it will mark her first days of school proper & the next stage of growing up. As parents it will be the time when we let go & realize just how tiring the whole summer has been and we’ll probable collapse in a gibbering heap before getting up brushing off and starting all over again. Modern lifestyles and cost of living don’t give anyone much downtime these days, but we all have to remember that our kids are only young once and we can’t share this time with them again. One day when they’re grown up & gone.

I’ll wonder where the time went.

Natalie Barker
Natalie Barker


Operations Manager

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