How Do We Train a Cat?

Published: Saturday 2nd Jul 2011

Written by: Natalie Barker

Our cats are driving us mad,! I know they’re following natural instinct, but we don’t want to be removing the corpses of the local wildlife from our house everyday. This week we’ve had 6 Rabbits , 2 Squirrels, lots of Mice & Voles.

There’s  part of me waiting for them to try and drag a small dog through the catflap. It has been a source of some amusement to passing holiday-makers as Heather and I come out of the office trying to shoo a still very much alive animal back out to the village common.

The worst part is we can’t get mad with them because they bring them as gifts to show their love for us.

Natalie Barker
Natalie Barker


Operations Manager

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